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Texas A&M is excited to announce that ExpenseIt is now available for use.

ExpenseIt is another option available to travelers and delegates that we hope will greatly ease the expense report creation process.  ExpenseIt is a mobile application that allows travelers to simply take a picture of their receipt at the time of the expense using an iOS and Android mobile devise.  ExpenseIt handles the rest.  The software uses optical character recognition technology to read the receipt image and determine the type of expense, amount, vendor, etc., and automatically create the expense.  It also adds itemizations for hotel entries, saving you from having to manually itemize your hotel expense.  This allows for quicker and more accurate report creation, minimization of the manual entry involved in creating reports, and allows the report to be submitted more quickly, which leads to quicker reimbursements.

See attached documentation and videos for more information.

     ExpenseIt Overview

     Introduction to ExpenseIt